How Kumi Labs is powering startups with freshers hired through Internshala

How Kumi Labs is powering startups with freshers hired through Internshala

About the author and company: Kunal Mahajan is the CEO and founder of Kumi Labs, a software development company empowering business  with cutting-edge technology such that stakeholders and founders can accede to business growth. He talks about his hiring experience on Internshala. 

Freshers play a significant role in our company as they are keen learners and have the zeal to make things happen. However, hiring freshers was turning out to be a difficult task before joining Internshala.

The main challenge that I experienced was the lack of credible candidates on other recruitment platforms. Even after using their platforms for a while, I was unable to find potential candidates. So, when I received an email from Internshala about their new offering Fresher Jobs on Internshala, I decided to give it a try as I had had a positive experience with them in the past. Upon exploring Internshala for our hiring requirements, I started receiving applications from candidates who were serious about the job opportunity and possessed the required skills. We were also able to tap into a huge candidate pool from all over India, which helped us in hiring good candidates. Since then, every time we post a job on Internshala, we receive several applications within a few days, and we can close the hiring process within two weeks.  

Additionally, I found Internshala’s website easy to use. For instance, the option to filter candidates based on their education and skills makes it easy to find and shortlist candidates. Another feature that we find helpful in our hiring process is the option to send assignments. Through this feature, we are able to evaluate the skills of a candidate and find the perfect fit for the role.

If we face any issues while hiring candidates, we can always connect with the Internshala team for help. For example, one of our job posts wasn’t receiving enough applications. When I got in touch with Lakshay, our relationship manager, about this, he promoted the job post among candidates who had previous internship experience(s) and we were able to get 500 more applications within 36 hours. Such support from the team has made my experience more comfortable and fruitful with the platform.

Over the past months, most of the freshers in my team have been hired through Internshala. So far, I have hired ten developers for React platforms, graphic designers,  UI/UX designer and AI/ML Candidates. All of them are performing well and working for a crucial US-based e-commerce platform. Due to Covid-19, the entire team is working remotely, but we have managed to onboard freshers easily and built engagement with them, so it has been a pleasant experience.

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