Internships helped me practise my existing skills and acquire new ones

Internships helped me improve my existing skills and gain new ones

About the author: Archana Bisht is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Chandigarh University. She narrates how she explored different aspects of web development through internships.

After brushing up on HTML and CSS basics through an online course, I created a project to demonstrate these skills and realised how much I enjoyed the creative freedom that comes with creating websites. Hence, I decided to enhance my skills further and enrolled in Internshala’s Web Development training. In this training, I learned about both front-end and back-end development. I also worked on an e-commerce website wherein I used both front-end and back-end development skills. 

While doing this training, I had also applied for a work-from-home internship at Kartavyam and got selected. At this time, I only knew HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript, so I would recommend anyone who has these skills to start applying for internships. During this stint, I worked with a team on a dynamic website. Before starting this internship, I did not know much about dynamic websites. Once I got a hang of it, it was exciting, as I could see the changes being reflected on the live website. Since this was my first time doing this, I committed a small error. However, the team lead was understanding and helped me correct the error. I also understood the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress for web development as the company’s website was being hosted on WordPress. Throughout this internship, I learned a lot of new concepts.

Next, I interned at Ubantu Foundation. During my time there, I again worked on WordPress websites. I was unfamiliar with a few things, such as plugins and optimising page loading speed, so I self-learned these through YouTube tutorials. After this internship ended, I landed an internship at Germanacharya based on my resume and a short interview. As a web development intern, I worked on creating landing pages for marketing campaigns and webinars. During this stint, I also learned about SEO. Being from a computer science background, I did not know anything about SEO or digital marketing. So working on the SEO for the website served as my introduction to the field of digital marketing, which I found fascinating.

During all my internships, I realised that web development requires constant learning and acquired new skills on the job. I worked on different templates, understood the basic structure of a website, learned which animations to use, and implemented various plugins. After these experiences, I have also worked on personal projects such as COVID-19 API tracker. Since I enjoy the process of web development and have been able to improve my skill set, I am planning to choose web development as a career path in the future. 

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