4 learner stories that will motivate you to keep going after your goals

One of our favourite parts about building Internshala Trainings has been hearing about the impact it has had on the lives of learners. There are stories about taking risks, finding a passion, bringing about change in society, and forging the right career path. Each one has inspired us. So, if you have been feeling stuck, we hope these stories power you to keep going. 

1. How I chased my dream of becoming a writer with an online training 

Lipika had been interested in literature throughout her school life. She was, however, unable to write stories on her own and chose economics as her major in college. As the time for graduation approached, Lipika decided to give writing one last try and enrolled in the Creative Writing training. Throughout the training, Lipika experimented with various forms of writing; some writing styles came naturally to her, whereas others required considerable effort. By the end of her course, she realised that she was a good writer (something she had always contemplated) and is currently living her dream of making a living as a writer.

2. Designing my career with the help of a UI/UX training

Raksha, a B.Tech student, had always been into design. She loved making digital art and was a part of the college design team. Despite her interest in design, she had not thought of pursuing a career in it until a friend suggested that she look for some design internships. While applying for internships, she realised that there were a ton of opportunities for designers but she needed to learn a few more skills before interning. That’s how she ended up enrolling in the UX UI Design training online. Throughout her training, she worked on various projects and tests, which bolstered her confidence. After the training ended, she worked on her portfolio for 3 months and landed her first internship this year. This internship has turned out to be a huge learning experience for her and truly makes her happy.

3. How I bagged an internship in 8th standard and created a robot

Aniket Prashant Kakde is an 11th-grade student from Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Back in 2018, when he was only in the 8th grade, his father enrolled him in Internshala’s Web Development training. After the training, he started applying for internships. Although he cleared all the rounds at BigAppCompany, they could eventually not offer him an internship due to the age constraint. After this experience, he continued his learning and signed up for Android App Development training.

Soon after, he put the skills learned to use by developing a Multipurpose Voice Controlled Robot to help farmers in spraying chemicals without human intervention, which won the ATL Student Innovator Award. He did not stop at that and this year he used the same technology to create an automatic sanitiser spraying device, which operates through a mobile app. It aims to protect municipality workers who sanitise public places and are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. This invention earned him the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ignited Minds Award. 

His love for innovation also prompted Aniket to launch a start-up and website anfosys.in through which he tries to raise awareness about innovation-related opportunities among students in his village. He believes that young minds are always buzzing with ideas, but lack access to technology and opportunities, and he is on a mission to change that.

4. I couldn’t find a job in core engineering. Here’s how an online training helped me land my dream job

Although a postgraduate student in Mechatronics, Apurva landed her first job as a senior e-commerce executive. Feeling stuck in the role and having sleepless nights about not getting a job in core engineering, she decided to take the Internet of Things online course by Internshala. During the training, Apurva had many sleepless nights again, not out of stress but out of sheer excitement that she felt while working on the project. This project helped her land a job in the core industry just when her postgraduate diploma was coming to an end.

Hopefully these stories have inspired you to continue moving towards your goals. If you could do with a little more inspiration, then you can read more learner stories here. If you want to learn new skills, you can check out Internshala Trainings (don’t forget to tell us all about your experience later on :) )

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