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Feedback from the students who have attended Internshala VTC trainings in past

It was awesome! It was my first step towards web development and I can surely say with this support and live chat system and 24*7 doubt-solving help I will look forward to take my skills honed here to the next level. Thanks Internshala for building my basics because it is the foundation that matters the most to me.

– Anand Sinha, BIT Mesra (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Very good. As a beginner to Java who only had a primitive knowledge of programming languages, I found the course very easy to understate and relate. The support was excellent. I thank the experts who answered my questions, it would be really nice if I could at least know their names. Thank You once again.

– Sharanga Bora, NIT Silchar (Java, Winter 2013)

It made me realize how vulnerable the websites become if not carefully and properly coded. This is a must know topic for all web designers!

– Shyam Venkatraman, PSG College of Technology (Hacking, Winter 2013)

It was a very good experience. The training was very interesting and I loved it. In a very short time, I learned a lot from this training program. Hurrah! I can design my own website now.

– Shalmali Choudhury, Tezpur Central University (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Overall the training program is quite satisfactory. The language was quite lucid and easily understandable by anyone who have no knowledge of the subject matter previously. Thanks to Internshala. Wish you a successful future with some minor problems to curb on.

– Rajdeep Ghosh, NIT Agartala (Java, Winter 2013)

A good initiative. Helped me learn many interesting things along with its practical application with the help of the project.

– Monisha Khurana, Amity University (Web Development, Summer 2013)

Truly for me this training is whole through fruitful. Theory followed by the test increases the understanding of subject & the thing which I liked the most is that you can’t skip the topic unless you give the test.

– Dhananjay Yadav, Amity University, Noida (Java, Winter 2013)

It was awesome. Would surely recommend to my juniors if it is available next summer too.

– Yashaditya Vyas, BITS Pilani (Web Development, Summer 2013)

This was very useful and will lay the foundation for my future web designing.

– Shyam Venkatraman P, PSG College of Technology (Web Development, Summer 2013)

Excellent, emotionally attached to it!

– Aakanksha Mirdha, VIT (Web Development, Summer 2013)

It was useful to me especially. And I really found PHP interesting. Thanks a lot. Hope VTC conducts few more online training programs like this

– Srinivasan Ramanujam, PSG College of Technology (Web Development, Summer 2013)

This program is simply awesome. The help and support rendered is superb. All I want is to be updated with all the training programs in future so that I can take them up. Thank you for everything.

– Swikruti Sahu, Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology (Web Development, Summer 2013)

It was really good. It gave me a kick start with web development.

– Dhiwakar N A, NIT Trichy (Web Development, Summer 2013)

One of the best feature of this training program for me was that I could study the tutorials at any point in the day. It did not restrict me to a particular time.

– Kushagra Sharma, MPSTME NMIMS UNIVERSITY (Web Development, Summer 2013)

I felt it was really interesting. These 45 days of learning was a pleasant experience. The way you projected the tutorials is really good

– Angirasa Mahavadi, Osmania University (Web Development, Summer 2013)

Overall, the experience was good. Most of the tutorials were easy to understand and implement in the project.

– Karmanya Malhotra, The University of Hong Kong (Web Development, Summer 2013)

The training program was good. I was able to make my own website which I showed to many of my friends and they were all impressed :)

– Prateek Garg, Gautam Buddha University (Web Development, Summer 2013)

The training program was very good. I would like to see Python tutorials next on VTC.

– Akanksha Gupta, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (Web Development, Summer 2013)

 It was a great learning experience! I had gained a new skill and I am definitely happy and thankful to Internshala for such a seamless training program

– Abhishek Vangaveti, SRM University (Web Development, Summer 2013)

The learning experience is just great. Hope there is a sequel part to this.

– Sankara Rao K S M G, SCSVMV University (Web Development, Summer 2013)

Good and detailed tutorials followed by related and intuitive exercises make this a good training program.

– Arun Lakra, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela (Web Development, Summer 2013)

Very useful for my future engineering courses and also for my career.

– Bajrang Lal Kudi, IIT Gandhinagar (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Overall experience was great, just loved it & would love to enroll for the next course as well. Internshala rocks!! :)

– Pooja Daas, Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune (Web Development, Summer 2013)

The program was good and easy to follow and I got exposed to create a website being a beginner.

– Sruthi Y.N.M., Prathyusha Institute Of Technology And Management (Web Development, Summer 2013)

As a new comer to web-development, your efforts to provide the opportunity are appreciated. Well Done!

– Aman Ahuja, NIT Durgapur (Web Development, Summer 2013)

It was very interesting. A proper use of my winter vacations. Learnt the basics of web development, would surely recommend to juniors who are enthusiastic in learning a thrilling topic of Computer Science.

– Jeet Banerjee, VIT Chennai (Web Development, Winter 2013)

It was a systematic, effective and enriching experience. Everyone was really helping, specially Mr Vikram. A sincere thanks to the Internshala team.

– Swapnil Joshi, NIT Bhopal (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Fast! To the point! Highly Recommended!

– Piyush Kumar Maske, IIT Madras (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Even a person like me without basics could understand it easily. I think it was awesome and I had wonderful holidays because of this.

– Keerthi Abinesh R, NIT Trichy (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Overall it was a good experience. I never thought I could learn 3 languages in such a short period of time. Thanks!

– Akhil Jain, SRM University (Web Development, Winter 2013)

Interesting, easy, engrossing and helpful.

– Upasana Sengupta, NIT Durgapur (Web Development, Winter 2013)

The training program was really good. It was user friendly. I really learned a lot in Internshala training program. The tutorials were really good and understandable.

– Shreyasi Pathak, NIT Durgapur (Web Development, Winter 2013)

A systematic and easy approach, I enjoyed the training and look forward to more virtual courses from Internshala!

– Ashwini Vaidya, Nanyang Technological University (Java, Winter 2013)

This was a good training program and the tutorials were explained well with good links for advanced tutorials

– Srinath Mandava, IIT Kharagpur (Hacking, Winter 2013)

Basic concepts were explained very clearly. The support was also good. Overall a nice program :-)

– Sagar Anandani, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DAIICT) (Hacking, Winter 2013)

It was overall a good experience. The tutorials were quite explanatory & the demonstartions were very articulate.

– Sadhana Kesavan, NIT Tiruchirappalli (Hacking, Winter 2013)

This training program was very useful and it helped me in understanding basic concepts related to hacking. Enjoyed the program.

– Pooja Daas, Cummins College of Engineering for Women (Hacking, Winter 2013)

Helped me in a course called “Computer Networks” that is part of the college curriculum!

– Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar (Hacking, Winter 2013)

Amazing program, especially for beginners in hacking. Waiting for level 2 course from you.

– Sai Srinivasa Krishna Anand Varanasi, Bapatla Engineering College (Hacking, Winter 2013)

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  • June 28, 2017 at 8:07 PM

    Thank you so much internshala.. I got internship in Myntra designs pvt ltd. All credit goes to you. Helped me alot for my upcoming future. Great thanks to you site.

    • June 29, 2017 at 4:00 PM

      Thanks, Subham.
      Wish you good luck for all your future endeavours :)

      Team Internshala


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