Summer Internship with Siddharth Vashishtha Charitable Trust – Experience of Sunil from DU

Daily Winner for: –  13th August, 2011

Name of the intern: –  Sunil Gupta

Institute: –  Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences (BCAS) D.U.

Organization interned with: –  Siddhartha Vashishtha Charitable Trust, Delhi

“First of all the experience was more than an internship for me. I am a Biomedical Science student, so working for an NGO was not at all a part of my curriculum. I feel for social ventures so I decided that I will utilize my holidays in doing something meaningful and selfless. I was searching on internet and found about this NGO. The main reason to choose this NGO was the proximity to my home. It is only 6-7 km away from my home. This NGO was less than a year old, so everything was in budding stage. I have to do more than required. I used to handle lot of data work as well. The main focus of this NGO was to improve the conditions of people suffering from various stages of cancer, and to support the unfortunate inmates serving  prison term. There were around 5-6 volunteers working along with me. Under our program “Catch the Cancer”, we used to organize health camp and cancer awareness programs each Saturday in slum and rural areas. Under our program “”Human Touch”” we used to support Tihar Inmates’ families by providing school fees, stationery etc. to their children so that their children get good education.

Under our program “Chance for Change”, we used to give vocational training in the field of interests of inmates so that they earn from their talent and after they are out of the prison, they get suitable job opportunities. We organized a 3 days Painting Exhibition at Rajghat. The paintings were made by Tihar inmates under training of SVCT volunteers. All the proceedings that came from the exhibition were given to their families. I really enjoyed each and every moment of this internship. Although we were not paid for working, we were only given traveling expenses. I  was more than happy doing this selfless job. Working with poor and underprivileged people, I could feel their pain and understand how difficult their lives are. I felt really great that somewhere I contributed to someone’s life and I would never forget those beautiful moments. Here, I also got to interact with different kinds of personalities and learned to work in a team. Some of the volunteers have become very close friends of mine. I will always cherish these moments in my life.

I will end up my experience with a quote from Margaret Mead:-

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, and committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

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