Summer Internship with Chemnitz University – Kumar Niraj from Manipal Institute of Technology

Daily Winner for: –  29th August 2011

Name of the intern: –  Kumar Niraj

Institute: –  Manipal Institute of Technology

Organization interned with: –  Chemnitz University, Germany

People ask me how was the experience I reply them with a gentle smile and say “Perfect – Dhamaal” in one word.

I still remember the moment  when my clock ticked 5 o’ clock on 2nd July. Finally, it was one of the most awaited moments of my life to board the flight to Germany and I was wondering how the coming next four months will unfold for me.During the eight hours of the travel flying literally above the clouds, I was wondering all about the new challenges which I will be exposed to and the experiences which await me. To be very frank, only one thing which really bothered me about Germany was the climate! Before going I did some research to get some idea of the weather conditions there. But I have to give credit to the organizing team as they planned the internship at the right moment and the weather was just perfect for a pleasurable European experience.

When I reached Chemnitz by train, people were already there to receive me with pleasant greetings. Ms. Sylvia Strauß requires a special mention as she took care of all the documentation work and I never faced any issues at all. Next couple of weeks were occupied by the German class which gave a nice platform to interact with people around the world and getting to know about their culture, traditions and most importantly the basic German knowledge which proved to be handful at some places. Along with the German language class, I started on my project on “Printed Loudspeakers”. It was completely a new kind of experience working on a research project and I would take this opportunity to thank Ms. Maxi Bellaman, my project supervisor, as she showed lots of patience and helped me learn. Working in TU Chemnitz, with a pool of qualified scientists and researchers, there was always lots to learn. Even working on different electrical and printing equipments helped me gain knowledge about the latest instruments.

I even got a chance to witness the “Geutchfest”, a very traditional celebration carried out by printers in Germany. Luckily, I was able to finish of my project ahead of  time and could visit few places around. I, a natural traveler, made  most of  the opportunity and visited few of the neighboring countries and some of the major cities in Germany. Four months proved to be a very small duration to explore Europe. Basis what I saw, I can surely say that Europe has its own grace and elegance which can’t be explained in words!

Finally I would like to conclude the article on the thanking note to Manipal University, TU-Chemnitz and the DAAD organization for providing such co-operative platform for foreign experience. Such exchange programs should be encouraged as they broaden the the horizon of the students and take the thinking to an altogether different level.

Four months of learning & travelling extravaganza have come to an end ! And now I realize that I lived time of my life in these 4 months. Hasta la vista Chemnitz and the amazing public :)

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    hi,can i get in touch with you?
    how did u apply?…after 2nd yr/3rd yr?

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    how can i apply for this intern ??


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