My first internship stipend would be a seed capital for brighter rural India tomorrow

Name: – V Giridhar

College:  – Madras Institute of Technology

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

The first Stipend is certainly a glorious way to kickstart one’s professional career. Nobody can deny the fact of being an intern in reputed institutions like the IITs, IISC, NITs etc. The first internship and stipend would be close to my heart and it just bamboozles the creative spirit in thyself.

I am sure the first internship would not be forgotten and the memories would be cherished forever. I would love to donate 30% of my stipend for a noble cause ( Form an NGO so that you can address the desperate and the needy in the future).In the future I would love to form an organization for the upliftment of the rural people and unleash the latent talents of the people.

The first stipend would be of a smaller contribution,but once I get into the professional fold I would love to add people of the “same like” and in the years to come our efforts should bore fruit resulting in a brighter rural India.

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