I donated my first stipend to a school for poor people

Name: – Abhishek Kumar

College: — KIIT University

Interned with: – Kshitij Horizons

How did I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I did my internship with Kshitij Horizons. It is an NGO working towards educating deprived tribal students. I taught the poor kids for 2 months and got Rs.4,000 as stipend. I was tremendously happy as it was my first own salary and wanted to use it in best possible way. But when I returned home for vacations my maidservant told us that a school was being set up in their slums for their kids and asked if we could make any contribution. I immediately handed over 3,500 rupees to her. My mother was surprised. From the remaining 500 I bought a shawl for my mom and she hugged me very tight. It has been one year but I still remember that feeling.

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