My first stipend lessened my parents’ worries about me

Name: – Pragya Gupta

College: – National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Dream organization for internship: – Any organization where I can both learn and earn.

How did I spend my 1st internship stipend?

I got my first stipend in 2011 when I interned under a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court. I got Rs. 9000 as the stipend. Although the amount looks very huge for a student, I spent my stipend on only two things. I did not spend it in shopping or eating in restaurants. The first thing I did with my stipend was to book a ticket to Kolkata from home. That took around 3000 bucks. The remaining amount of money I utilised in not taking my pocket money for the next month from my father.
The reason behind spending my money like this was to make my parents feel that their daughter was capable of standing on her own feet, that they didn’t have to worry so much about their daughter.
And finally, so that they could feel that the day was not far when their daughter could not only earn for herself but for her family as well. :)

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