Ways to brag and yet be truthful in your CV

Everyone wants to be the best. So what if you are not? You can get the job done too. You just need the right ideas from the right people to write the right CV. Your CV can do the job for you; make you the new best choice for any organization. So, what is that X-factor that your CV needs to have? Does everything in it need to be true? If not, how to make the most of your shortcomings and yet be proud of them? Learn here.

  1. I am a good leader…I led my entire batch to strike against the college to ban the mid-term examinations.
  2. I believe in team work…There has not been a single exam where my friends and I haven’t followed a procedural cheating methodology. (The idea is to work together and not get caught).
  3. I can be very creative and imaginative…I keep building castles in the air about my weekend plans.
  4. I am an ardent reader…Sports illustration is my favourite section.
  5. I am a very comfortable person to work with…my casual attitude about work and deadlines usually have that effect on people.
  6. I love travelling to new places…Got no choice there, I’ve been kicked out of several companies now.
  7. I have a keen financial sense…I keep borrowing money from my friends and never give them back. All profit, no loss.
  8. I am a very motivating individual…Please do read the messages that I will be sending you constantly. Also subscribe to my fun filled blogs.
  9. I am a multi-tasker…I can talk to my friends on the phone, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Google at the same time. Isn’t that incredible?
  10. I work for the IMF; Impossible Mission Force. A word of advice-don’t try to inquire into this matter. You may land in a lot of trouble.

Although we sincerely hope that your recruiters have a sense of humour and appreciate your wit, we take no responsibility if your CV is torn and thrown. We hope that you all get away with your concocted CV’s and be employed. All the best!!

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