I would use my first stipend to plant lots of trees in my colony

Name: – Akshat Jain

College: — WeSchool, Mumbai

Interned at: – Tata Croma

How will I spend my 1st internship stipend?

My college began with lot of hard work. I was among the lucky few who would be doing engineering together, would sit, walk, eat, and share together. Undoubtedly I was in a great college. The only thing that spoiled the picture was the dry barren land which surrounded the college. Sessions started with loads of work, projects and assignments. We would walk during canteen time from our class to the canteen located a few hundred meters away. We were already tired and the walk completely drained us. In the second year, we thought about doing something about it. We planned to plant a variety of trees. It took a year till we started getting earnings of what we did with help of our maali bhaiya. By the third year we could actually see a total turnaround of our campus. Those dear selfless plants and trees which depicted mother Nature’s love were taking care of us with their shadow, flowers and oxygen. They attracted so many birds and squirrels, whose sweet voices my heart can still perceive.

Tomorrow I am going to get Rs. 5000 as my internship stipend. We are moving to a new colony in Indore, probably next month. Why shouldn’t I spend it for the same reason there again? Let me re-live those happy memories again.

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