Made a difference in some people’s lives!

Name: – Shwetal Shah

College: – Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management

Interned at: – Synergy Public Relations

How did I spend my 1st intern stipend?

When I got my first stipend I was excited since it was in my very first year of degree college that I got a paid internship.

While all my friends asked for a party, I saved a little in the bank, gave 15% of it to my parents, grand parents and sister. I was able to contribute little amount to a local NGO run by a convent school near my home for which the kids in the organization personally thanked me with a hand-made card. I really cherish the moment when I donated some amount of my stipend to a little boy suffering from cancer, of course what I gave wasn’t enough but I tried to do as much as I can from my end and make some difference.

That’s how I spent my 1st stipend, the benefits of which I am enjoying to this day and gives me immense pleasure that at the age of 18,  I was able to make a difference in some people’s lives and those moments will be cherished forever in my life.

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