“My first stipend will bring me a handsome camera”

Name: – Gaurav Oberoigg

College: – Ajay kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad

Interned at: – Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

Stipend is the road to make our present wishes, a reality of coming future. It is what brings an awesome gaze to one’s eyes when it comes to flying high in the sky and paint our dream world.

“-Daddy has agreed to buy a lappy but how to ask him for a digital high resolution camera, I couldn’t find a way out.
-Oops i missed a trip to Gangtok, no surplus money left.
-That tablet is awesome but i can’t do anything except staring.
-Wow! Look at that shirt, only Rs 5999, Oh god, i don’t have that much…”

We innocent people, create those portraits and landscapes in our mind and time makes us realize that there is plenty of time left to bring it to reality.
Heart crashed..!!
The pressure of studies leads to frustration.

Now when someone introduces the word stipend, its like rain coming to our home at the time when there is complete drought all over.
Yes and at time, the “STIPEND” can be superpower for us; the aura of energy. This brings excitement and enthusiasm to us as if rainbow is following the rain droplets.

This aura of energy(stipend) brings pure smile to my face and the reason is, my ‘affection for photography’. Photographs carries emotions, some of you may believe and some of you may not, but I always used to say it. These photographs like messenger of some fairy in heaven, bring smile to our face when we recall the time or some phase of life we enjoyed in the past.

And I am devoid of a Camera, pocket money couldn’t help it out.
My first stipend will bring me a handsome camera. I want to capture each part of my college, each moment I spent in some different way, that sparrow which I see daily in the morning, those roads which I walk on, moments when I go Delhi with my friends, that sky in the evening,those silly birthday memories.

I want to capture the moment when we dance unnecessarily, when we laugh,when we enjoy that maggi,when we fight for that ‘can’, or when we run without giving money for chillies we ate, when its raining and there is a tear which is rendered hidden due to rain.
I want to capture my life.

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