“My first stipend would be my sorcerer’s stone!”

Name: – Subodh Chaubey532218_3861144618384_1681731241_n

College: – Bhagwant University, Ajmer

Interned at: – The Boeing Company

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

You know you have those creative, euphemistic sarcastic ideas in your head that nobody approves of !

Well, the first paycheck or however I receive my first stipend would be exactly the sorcerer’s stone to turn my daydreams into reality. For one, I’d open a bank account that has only my self-earned money in it (kinda ego-satiating isn’t it!) and then I’ll be the proud with a credit/debit card that has my name and money.

Then with that money I’d take my family out to dinner and for the first time not let dad pay the bill followed by (and this one’s the wackiest) buying a bright polka dotted orange cloth, go to a tailor I don’t remotely know and get a clown’s outfit stitched and then go to orphanages or old-age-homes or just a random railway station, goof around, spread the joy and be more joyful.
Last I’d get my own book published (probably poems from my blog my friends don’t care to read) and thus be a satisfied man FINALLY doing the things he wished he did !

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