“Paid Subway bill for ‘Chotu’!”

Name: – Nitu Bahalpic - Copy

College: – Shri Shikshayatan College

Interned at: – Prabhat Khabar

How did I spend my 1st intern stipend?

“Hard work pays off”, as the phrase goes and certainly goes right as the hard work righteously pays off “The Bill”. This is what I did with my first stipend, payed off for the meal of the day. Just after the days work, it was a delighted feeling to receive an envelope from the Editor in Chief, and fortune shined brightly that evening as “Subway” the food store, just few yards from the office, was inaugurated the day itself with offers and discounts which activated the salivary glands. Just because of the offers I did not hesitate to get extra sandwiches and some more cold drinks for my siblings at home. In the late hour of evening while returning home I came across a vendor, half of my age about 11 years, selling fried chips in the local train with admirable marketing skills to help increase his sale. On a slight conversation with him I learned that his business on that day was a loss and that he would only return home in the mid night. The boy declared himself lucky for he got to his one time meal of the day unlike the other days. It was tough for me to come across the ground level truth that prevails in our society like a demon restricting a child’s rights. Not having much to do I was however satisfied talking to the kid and seeing him smiling after he ate the ‘Subway’ sandwich and quenching his thirst with the cold drink. He even wanted to have the other sandwich which I gave him but he preferred carrying it home for his younger sister. And so my first stipend helped me pay off the “Subway” bill for for Chotu (the young vendor), his younger sister and me.

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