“Spend a pound – save a penny!”

Name: – Prachi Singhal

College: – BVM engineering college

Interned at: – Gujarat Energy Research Management Institute

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

Penny wise – pound foolish, this is what people are gonna say to me when I will receive my first stipend. Being a student of electrical engineering, my wish is to work on a project on solar power in GERMI, and whatever stipend I get, I will spend miserly it on the person whom I love including me (since i love me too!). I am known for being a miser, but when it comes to my first earnings I shall spend a pound and save a penny. Luckily my special one’s birthday falls in summer and it would be a dream fulfillment if I would be able to buy him a gift from my 1st earning. Buying mother a sari, and father a shirt is a dream of every child and I will try to fulfill it to the maximum. Rest if anything is remaining will go in my chocolates and parties and free bargained pennies in my piggy bank.

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