“Watched TDKR with my first stipend”

Name: – Rohit Agarwal

College: – R.V.College of Engineering

Interned at: – CM Environsystems

How did I spend my 1st intern stipend?

The interesting point about my stipend was that I received it in two parts. Half on the first day of the internship and half after I submitted my final report.

The first thing that I did with my stipend was watch “The Dark Knight Rises” . Yes, I had bought my first movie ticket with my ‘own’ money and I also munched popcorn like I had earned it. I treated myself with Gold Class seat, a combo meal before entering the hall and another set of delicacies during the interval.

The rest of it went into the daily travelling and market analysis for which the stipend had been given to me. I still have the ticket with me and it always gives me a sense of achievement carrying it along.

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