The experience and the software development skills I gained was my stipend

Name: – Yogeshwaranyogeshwaran-govindarajan

College: – Anand Institute of Higher Technology

Interned at: – Inforill Technologies Ltd.

How will I spend my 1st intern stipend?

My first internship was at Inforill Technologies, a Chennai based start-up. Frankly, I never received any stipend for my internship. I worked for 4 months a without getting any stipend. My project manager was a veteran software engineer who retired from Goldman Sachs to run his own start-up. Many would say I was crazy to work for free but I knew deep within me that the experience I’d gain in working with him would be invaluable.

I had no monetary stipend. The experience and the software development skills I gained was my stipend.
With that experience (stipend) I have begun my own software start-up which is running successfully and has a net worth or more than Rs.5,00,000. I have more than 10 people employed under me and I’m still in my final year of graduation.

So my advice to all those bright minds who are looking for internships is not to worry about the stipend. Stipends are important as they give you a sense of achievement but in the end the experience you gain is what counts and that’s what will help you go a long way in your career.

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