Summer Internship with Johnson Matthey – Bhuvan Gupta from IIT Kanpur

Daily Winner for: –  6th August 2013Bhuvan

Name of the intern: – Bhuvan Gupta

Institute: –  IIT Kanpur

Organization interned with: – Johnson Matthey

To leave the interview room I just opened the door and then I turned back and asked the interviewer, “Sir, May I ask a question?” They said, “Yeah sure” and then I asked, “Sir I will be highly obliged if you suggest me some fields where I can improve myself that will be very helpful to me in my future”. Well I got a very good answer from them but my work was complete as this arrow directly hit the target. Then another arrow as after the interview I didn’t sit in the common room rather I found a place near the toilet. After around 2 hours the interviewer came to toilet and as soon as he came back I went to him and showed the analysis of one of the problem he asked me in the interview. Now my sincerity was also proved. And, my name was there in the final list.

“Common sense is the best engineering”, “Remembering merely terms of the equation never matter, the only thing matters is what you learned form it”, “The best way to check the working environment is just ask yourself are you able to do here, three things freely: dream, create and achieve” these are some of the learnings which I got from this two months internship. My task in this internship was to design a mixing arrangement and in around 20 days I submitted the final design and it needed around 20-25 lac for establishing this arrangement. The best way to learn is to work more and more in different fields and meet with different people. I took another project and the goal was to optimize the fuel consumption in furnaces and again I showed my theoretical soundness and run some simulations and did some calculations but the best things came at the end when I started applying simple common sense. The result was a simple idea replaced 25 lac scheme with free of cost scheme! The fuel saving which I was going to do with the previous 15 days work on paper, the same amount of fuel was saved in reality not on paper in 2 days by a few simple observations!

There is a door which looks open every time for everyone but always closed in reality, that type of person you need to be in an industry and a good smile on face helps a lot in it. So work, smile, observe and be dynamic that is the best thing to do on an internship.

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