Summer Internship with Artashastra Studios Pvt Ltd – Farahnaaz Mulla from B.V.Bhoomaraddi

Daily Winner for: –  22nd August 2013

Name of the intern: – Farahnaaz Mulla

Institute: –  B.V.Bhoomaraddi

Organization interned with: – Artashastra Studios Pvt Ltd

Gaining professionalism
After completion of engineering in 2011 I never really worked and stayed back home, I could mention the reasons but it’s not worth mentioning instead I took it and even now take it as my fate. Just at the beginning of 2013 I thought, not wasting any more time I should do something and then began my job hunt and simultaneously enrolled for correspondence education in MBA. The job hunt was cold and I hardly held a chance, its then I got the internship offer as a content writer at an animation and IT firm. But yes, I was tested for potential writing skills.

First day
With no idea what an industry operates like, with a pale face, excitement, shaky legs and racing heartbeats I stepped into the office. A brief orientation from a pretty lady- HR manager, followed with a thorough assimilation of my work and duties as an intern. I was as excited as a kid with a grand new cricket bat, ready to score runs; I couldn’t wait to prove myself. At the end of the day I was pretty glad for taking up the internship.

Getting acquainted
Initially I was asked to provide taglines and one liners and simple descriptive text for the graphical creative. Soon I was handling all the ‘text’ related matters. I got to write articles, tag lines, website content, scripts for animation explainer videos, brochure content. Just after a few weeks of joining I was put into in to the Branding department of the company; got comfortable working with a team of dynamic and creative designers.

The Fun
As a content writer I had to work in conjunction with the graphic designers and animators, some of the most fun people I’ve met and had a few awesome moments anchored in my mind. Every Saturday was an events day, with some fun games, informative and mind boggling activities to refresh minds and de-stress whole week’s pressure. The best part was that though it was a work place, the atmosphere had a twist of fun and liveliness. Music being played once in a while to cheer up and all the fun filled naughty, child-like conversations is what I adored the most; well I also enjoyed my work.

Worth it?
A copy writer provides the content for websites and brochures etc., but I also got the opportunity of script writing along with visualizing the scenes of the animation movies which was quite an experience. Two months of internship gave a lift in my self esteem and the knowledge of industry working and a vision of my future as a content writer which I have taken up as my core profession. So definitely, no doubt it was very well worth it.

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