Summer Internship with Google Summer Of Code – Kesha Shah from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Daily Winner for: –  18th August 2013Kesha

Name of the intern: – Kesha Shah

Institute: –  Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Organization interned with: – Google Summer Of Code

I was an intern under the globally run Google Summer of Code program, sponsored by Google with two open source organization BRL-CAD (Ballistic Research Laboratory Computer Aided Design) and STEPcode. Under this program, we could be hired as contractor for various FOSS organizations selected by Google. We had to work on open source projects independently under some mentor-ship.

Work Culture : Its an on-line internship where you are expected to work from home, virtually. You sit on your bed/table and code, wear the kind of clothes you are comfortable with, no strict office hours and listen music, do facebook, YouTube, GTalk, Whatsapp etc. while coding and programming. There is nothing like boss or sir. We call everyone by names and hangout with other developers on friendly basis. Life was like eat, play, sleep and code during that 3 months. Do whatever, whenever you like. :)

Material Benefits : The most important is $5000 you get after completing completing the 3 month internship successfully, a t shirt, a Google pen and diary, and other goodies. Above that, you get a point for resume which is priceless and of-course, bragging rights. :P

More Subtle Benefits : I got exposure to open source software development where I had to work on a large software package with real world application containing million lines of code. Also, I worked with a team, which was distributed all across the globe. I came in contact with the Developer Community and learned from experienced developers and project managers. Being in the list of authors for that software and part of software release process was an awesome experience.

What I learnt : I learnt how large code-base are maintained and got my hands on some version control system like git and svn. Also, I saw how to work on a distributed team and do various task like assigning, reporting bugs and solving them. I also knew some good programming techniques practiced in industry. I also understood the role and importance proper documentation and rigorous testing in industry.

Other Soft-skills: I gained few qualities like time management, taking responsibility and improving communication skills. Besides that, I learnt where to go to help for technical questions, how to respond well to feedback and work independently. I knew when and how to ask questions and communicate thoughts effectively via mailing lists, blogs, emails and IRC.

Some important links to get information how to get into this internship:
GSOC Website:
GSOC 2013 Timeline:
GSOC Student Guide:
GSOC General Mailing List:!forum/google-summer-of-code-discuss
List of Mentoring Organizations in 2013:

If you have any question or queries feel free to contact me at: kesha(dot)shah1106(at)gmail(dot)com

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