Summer Internship with MobileCEM Labs – Shuchit Khurana from Delhi Technological University

Daily Winner for: –  14th August 2013Shuchit

Name of the intern: – Shuchit Khurana

Institute: –  Delhi Technological University

Organization interned with: – MobileCEM Labs

My internship experience was amazing, to say the least. With my sophomore year concluding, I came home and chalked down my plans for the summer of 2013. It contained lots of programming stuff. Two days into the vacation, my father, in his usual baritone, asked me to look up the firm “MobileCEM Labs”, which I did. I couldn’t find anything worthwhile about it over the internet, apart from the official website, of course. Through a random conversation with his school time friend, he helped me bag an internship at MobileCEM Labs. Even though I hadn’t asked him to, I was glad for the opportunity because it meant that I’d be spending my time constructively instead of the usual fooling around that inadvertently happens in most summer breaks.

Three days into the internship, I did nothing but Googling random stuff that came to my mind. My mentor was always engrossed in his own work, and I began being sceptical about the whole thing, and getting frustrated about how I was wasting my time (that too in formals!).

Then started the new week, when my then-“mentor” assigned me under the Technical Lead, QA at MobileCEM, the new mentor. She assigned me some task, and I was relieved to be finally doing something, and not being ashamed when the employees went past me. Progressively, not to brag, but when she realized that I’m a quick learner, she started handing me modules of an actual project. Not going into the details, I got the opportunity to acquire skills and experience in two, very popular computer languages, Python and VBA.

Every two days somebody or the other used to have his/her birthday, and being just over a start-up, we all celebrated them. So my plans of losing weight were washed away with the invasion of jalebis, samosas, kachoris, golgappe, cakes and what not, every two or three days! Three weeks into the internship, I was given a laptop, my own personal space, a whiteboard, markers, and I can’t even begin to elucidate my feelings on that! I got respect and I could feel it.

A carom competition was on the cards too. I was teamed with the CEO of the firm, and I helped the match become one-sided, of course losing it. I am so terrible at it. That was it, I got carom powder the next day, and I practiced my aiming, whenever I got the time.

The weeks in the company were stressful, and to ease the pressure on the employees, we were taken out to Big Chill, where we hogged to our stomachs’ end, followed by a game of paintball, all funded by the firm.

Towards the end of my tenure, I had delivered two projects. I got to learn and contribute so much. But there’s more. On the last day, the HR came up to me and asked me to keep them in mind for the next summer’s internship. My mentor felicitated the title of “Best Intern Ever”, although informally, but it means much more to me that the piece of certificate that I got. Also, I defeated the best carom player there, twice in a row, and like a boss, in the last week of my tenure!

I made loads of friends, gained enriching experience, acquired carom skills, hogged like crazy, and STILL managed to lose 6 kilograms in two months. Awesome, isn’t it?

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