Corporate Life

About Author – Krishna Vamsi is a postgraduate in HR from IIT kharagpur (MHRM, Class of 2013) and has interned with ING Vyasa, PepsiCo previously. He is presently working as an HR consultant with In this thought provoking prose, he shares lessons learned in early days of his Corporate life.

Corporate Life

Hello All,

Long time since I have scribbled. Now in the early phase of my corporate life I wish to share some gyaan with those who would be managers soon.

In the next few years,
1. You will learn to operate 3 critical machines
* Scanner
* Printer
* Xerox Machine

2. You will  learn to use 3 high end softwares
* Microsoft Word
* Microsoft Excel
* Microsoft PowerPoint

3. You will learn to use 3 great short cuts
* Ctrl+C
* Ctrl+V
* Ctrl+S

4. You will learn to say three very important words for professional life
* Yes sir
* Ok sir.
* I’ll just do that sir

5. When you really want to quit, you will learn to
* Wake up early
* Sleep late
* Continue to work

6. You will learn to: –
* Face Monday
* Fight for 5 days
* Wait for Friday

7. You will learn to give reasons to family friends and loved ones for not making
* Phone Calls
* Messages
* Mails

8. You will learn to celebrate these things far away from loved ones
* Birthday
* New Year
* Festivals

9. In next one year, people would say
* You learned
* You earned
* You enjoyed

10. But when you compare yourself with you
* You just sustained…
* You just tolerated…
* You just survived… for bucks

11. You will survive
* For convenience of your family
* To avoid blame of the society
* To get tag of employment

12. When you already know that you have got the wrong train, you will learn
* To rejoice
* To be Happy
* To smile

So folks welcome to the Corporate life :)

The above article was first published on Krishna Vamsi’s personal blog here

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  • September 21, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    Not internshala material. At most, worthy of an fb post. Disappointed!


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