Summer Internship with Imagine Ice – Dinesh Miglani from IBS Hyderabad

Name of the intern: – Dinesh Miglani

Institute: –  IBS Hyderabad

Organization interned with: – Imagine Ice

My Internship Story starts with me joining a company which is the only one of it’s kind in the whole South-East Asia. It deals in manufacturing and selling of ice sculpture made of crystal clear ice. The various potential clients are- wedding planners, event planners, corporate brands, ice bars and lounges and various other events where it can be used for decor and brand activation purposes.

My work was to find the potential clients, mailing them our profile, arranging meetings and giving them presentation and explaining them the mutual benefit of using ice sculptures in their events. For eg. Fosters Beer (SAB MILLER GROUP ) wants to revitalize there brand and re-position it as the COOLEST BEER. Imagine Ice created an ice truck and an ice bar for their event at The Hyatt, Goa. The ice truck was camouflaged and the inside of it was made like an ice bar with ice ceilings and walls, with a vodka luge of Fosters Logo. It had all the ice glasses, Fosters cans frozen in ice and other ice decor. A temperature of minus ten degree centigrade was maintained for four days. Now SAB MILLER GROUP wants 10 more such trucks for marketing of Fosters Brand in ten different cities, like a mobile ice lounge.

The Chief Communications Officer for Imagine Ice (my company guide) has different clients such as Jynxxx Night Club and Freeze Lounge. During those three months of my internship, I handled the promotions of the events at Jynxxx Night Club. It is Delhi’s one the biggest and happening night club. My work there was of PR. I used to promote the event through social media and direct marketing. We used to earn some money on every person who visited the party through us. I used to give the details of the event to various event related websites, and magazines and newspaper. I used to work in the club till 11PM till all our guests entered and party till 3 AM in the morning. I got to learn about the operations of the club and the sponsorship deals it had with major liquor brands. I made a lot of contacts and friends during my work in the club. Freeze Lounge, another client of my company guide, was not doing well in term of sales, so I was given the task of finding some sales promotion. “”Freeze”” is basically a lounge which also has a separate area made of completely crystal clear ice. For its sales promotion, I devised a a promotional scheme of integrating the lounge event with IPL Cricket to attract more people and thus increasing the sales of the lounge. Various prediction contests were started on the Facebook page of Freeze Lounge. In-lounge prediction contest was also available, and winners were given free drinks/coupons. As it was the first time I was working, I made many mistakes, learned from them, made good friends, made many contacts in the hospitality industry, hoteliers and event planners and corporate. Overall it was a very nice experience. Awesome in-fact because it included a lot of travel and party and of-course work pressure.

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