Summer Internship with NDTV – Meena G. Iyer from Christ University

Name of the intern: – Meena G. Iyer

Institute: –  Christ University

Organization interned with: – NDTV

It is said that whatever you achieve, whatever you get is completely based on one law, The Law of Attraction. What you think is what you get. I am a strong believer of the previous two statements given above and my belief was reinforced when my wish of interning with one of the popular news channels NDTV came true.

I have always wanted a career that keeps me on my toes and is not monotonous in any way. I have always wanted everyday at my workplace to be different and unpredictable. Journalism as a profession dawned upon me when I was in my tenth grade, however I pursed science in my plus two. It is then I realized that I rather do what I enjoy than do something just for the sake of it. I took up Journalism in my undergrad degree. Oh and I loved every bit of it! The classes never seemed boring and I no longer called reading for exams “Studying” anymore.

Broadcast always fascinated me, and I wanted to be a broadcast journalist and interning at a news channel would definitely give me a platform to learn and get trained as to how a news channel functions. I knew the channel I wanted to intern at, the only thing left to do was to contact the person and get the internship there. Endless mails and phone calls finally got me an interview with the resident editor of NDTV, Bangalore office and yes I did come out of the office with a bright happy face as I got the internship. I was really glad that I got the internship I wanted. I always go by this policy that one should go get what they want and settle for nothing less.

Interning with NDTV was an exhilarating experience. From meeting new people everyday to accompanying reporters for shoots, coming on television for the very first time and most of all getting the opportunity to work with experienced people in this field was something I can’t put down in words. There were two things that were the highlight of my internship. One, I got to witness a big fat wedding which took place in Bangalore. The couple were from Dubai and specifically chose Bangalore for their wedding. We covered that wedding as part of a documentary film being made by one of the reporters. Second, I was interning with NDTV when the Nirbhaya rape case took place. My point of mentioning these two things was to show how my perspective about this profession broadened. The wedding definitely comes under those happy and exciting experiences I have had, it was fantastic. But the coverage of Nirbhaya rape case was just the opposite. I remember, we went out everyday getting bytes from people and covering the rallies. They say that journalists have to emotionally very strong, I failed this parameter with flying colors. When the girl died, I remember we went to get the opinion of public on this. People were angry, frustrated, upset! I was angered beyond words. These words are actually an understatement to describe the scenario. It is easy to sit in front of television and watch this but when you actually go out there cover such incidents it is heart breaking. At the end of my internship, which was surely a lovely experience I realized that there is so much more that goes into becoming a journalist and these are the things you don’t learn in classroom but it is the experience that teaches you.

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    Hi, can I have the address of the NDTV Bangalore office. Tried searching a lot on google but no results.


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