Internshala – A learner’s paradise!

sankalp-image1Sankalp shares his experience as a Work-from-home intern at Internshala.

It was that nice day of September, I was sitting on my couch (In fact I don’t have one, I was lying on my bed :D) when I received a mail from Sarvesh, saying I have got selected for a work-from-home internship for UI Design.

Let’s look at the factors that were compelling enough for me to sign that offer letter at once- UI Design: a field of my choice, work-from-home: who wouldn’t like sitting in the comfort of his own home, and the important one- Internshala: one of India’s most in-demand startup for internship. It simply couldn’t get better than this.

I was on board shortly thereafter. I can safely say that I have joined Internshala at the best time i.e. when the company is going through a lot of transformation and there is lot of work in the field.

Internshala is helping me learn minimalistic design while keeping it elegant, professional and with NO clutter at all. To be very honest, believing upon my freelancing experience- I was considering the role to be fairly easy, to say the least. But, hang on, “Welcome to Internshala!” It has been a mixed pack of challenges, tough-easy designs, missing deadline (mistakenly), praises for good work, some PR, getting to know more people, and importantly- the experience that surrounds all this and a lot of learning that is helping me getting proficient in my work, day-after-day. And, I am highly thankful to everyone at Internshala for the same.

At the end, all that I can say is- I am proud to have joined Internshala. And if you are looking forward to join in, just don’t hesitate because it is undoubtedly, a learner’s paradise!

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