My first internship @Internshala

Pranjal Verma

Pranjal, currently pursuing B.Tech. in BSBE at IIT Kanpur, shares his expectations from Internshala In-office Internship.

While at college, one of the most common phrases that we hear from most of our seniors is – Dude, anyhow get an intern! But dear well-wishers usually forget to tell the most important thing – how? For the first two semesters in the college, I struggled to figure out the actual meaning of this word – intern. And by the time I understood it, my batch-mates were already getting hired for internships. Soon I realized the importance of internship for a student, and started to look for one. Like most of the college students, I was confused – In what field should I do an internship? But, little I knew that in a couple of days, I would  be interning with India’s leading internship portal– Internshala.

So, one day my senior introduced me to this website––, and asked me to upload my resume on it. I was amazed by the large number of internship options available on it. I was about to make and upload my resume, when I saw the tab of We are hiring! below the logo. I clicked on it and that one click changed my Facebook status from “Lives in-Kanpur” to “Lives in-Gurgaon” in next 24 hours. Yes, I applied for a winter internship at Internshala and I got one. I asked for one month in-office winter internship and continued campus-internship after that, and to my surprise, they agreed to it.

Thank God! Now I’ll finally be able to pay the bills of canteen, Dhobi and debts of friends.

And this way, not only I got a great internship from which I hope to learn a lot and experience a new phase of life, but also got an opportunity to work with a great team – a team of engineers and entrepreneurs – which through its hard-work and sincere efforts, created an easy platform for getting internships. Hoping to learn new aspects of business and marketing at each moment of working with Internshala, I arrived at the Gurgaon office. First day here in the office was great and full of surprises, and I am quite sure that this company will never cease to amaze me in the coming days. From the first day itself, not only I got to learn the basics of entrepreneurship but also got a taste of the corporate world. I am thankful to whole Internshala team for this. Voluntarily, I came here to work; fortunately, I was inspired by this team; and steadily, we’ll work together to make history.

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