Exciting Summers- A new journey awaits

Meenakshi KukrejaMeenakshi Kukreja, a first year student pursuing Bachelors in Management Studies from Delhi University is the new intern on board. An enthusiast about most of the things in life, especially dance, this girl speaks her heart out about how she envisions her journey with Internshala.

Summers are often pretty boring, with the same old mundane routine each day during the vacations. Our parents too give up on us, after all, we let our lazy habits win, after all Delhi University students are unbeatable at fooling around during their free time. But, this summer, there was something else on my mind, a desire to learn something new, a corporate touch in my daily life. I decided to intern in my first year, and just sat down to look for the most interesting companies worth applying to.

I was introduced to Internshala by one of my cousin, and after clearing a few queries with Sarvesh Sir, I instantly applied for the Entrepreneurial program. After a few grilling questions posed by sir during the telephonic interview, I was through it. I got selected, and thereafter there was no looking back! After all a new journey awaited me.

Internshala: one of the most deemed and sought after institute which is a school of internships itself, what better a place to intern at could I find? Added to that it was a pretty cool startup, so I could just wear casuals, and work in a fun environment. No early morning conference halls and mugs of coffee awaited me. What awaited me was a roller coaster ride of surviving in the world of the fittest (in this case, maybe Engineers) !

I don’t have much expectations from my internship, because expectations lead to disappointments. All I hope for is to learn as much I can, and live my life to the fullest these two months. After all, I’m working among the most intelligent of the lot, and grasping this opportunity and exploiting it to its fullest potential is all I expect out of myself at this place. I’m looking forward for a wonderful and cherishing experience that I will treasure forever! Surely I’ll do something I’m pretty good at, questioning everything around! So just Get, Set, Go!

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