My ‘Toss it in’ zone at Start-up

VinayakWhile surviving the stench of chalk dust at lecture hall, and while salvaging the time-ticking-bomb office hours at job, you always have some other dream in mind to delve into and explore in your life. You want to dive in sang-froid businesses & marketing tips that keep the world rolling; but you are stuck somewhere which doesn’t make any sense and you don’t get to wear suits. You wheeze, and wheeze– but days, then weeks, then months, and then years pass by, and the time is still ticktocking. Then your hopes become over-keen, and you get more desperate for your dreams. You find yourself applying against each forthcoming vacancy in every next company since you realize it’s time for a change. Well, that pretty much has been my story, too. But time had something new for me. I remember applying for Internshala’s Business Apprentice program, and receiving a call from Sarvesh– on the same day when I quit my previous job. That was just a fluke, I believe. But, does encountering an offer call on the same day you quit your job suffice to convince you to join that? Well, it didn’t suffice for me. What convinced me is that this thing didn’t lie in my ‘Keep it away, I don’t wanna do it’ zone. Lately, I’d discovered plethora of things that I don’t want to do in my life, where I don’t want to belong to; but here, I felt it to be one of the things that I actually wanted to do. And…Voila! That got me in!

It’s been a couple of hours since I am sitting inside the Internshala office, and I am already feeling at home. I’ve heard that start-ups have high goals and few employees, but it still amazes and inspires me to watch just a dozen people over here swishing and swirling a number of Student Programmes all over the India. And now, I take a moment of pride for being one of them.

A good internship can bring in a lot in our lives, and I’m looking forward to this. I hope Internshala will help me enhance my business skills and will bring fun & learning. Sputter of the ownership of your work, and scintilla of freedom are the own advantages of working in a start-up. Now I’m about to take a dive in my fun-learning-applying package of something which also lies in my- ‘Bring it in, I want to try it by myself’ zone.

So toss a few barbells, baby.

We’re going in.

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