Learning the ropes of management – my internship at Internshala

Raja MassandRight from the moment I entered the Internshala office till now, I’m just wondering how merely 5-6 people run this amazing portal that provides internships to thousands of students. The answer to this question lies in the dedication and the hard work of these people. Now, seeing this, I want to be totally into it and give my best and get associated with it. To be precise, make an unbeatable combination of success, patience, perseverance and perspiration

While searching for internship on Internshala, I saw the “We are Hiring” link on the Homepage. Coincidentally, I found myself apt for the “Entrepreneurship Internship” opportunity at Internshala itself. I then realized, this was “THE” internship I always aspired to go for. My sincere thanks to Sarvesh sir for considering my application and providing me the opportunity to work as an intern at Internshala.

I’m pretty sure that this is the best internship for my skills and none but this is the place to invest my time to learn something good. Speaking from the core of my heart, doing marketing and branding, working in real time environment, facing and handling dynamic problems and learning new maneuver techniques of doing business is what I like the most and want to excel in it. This quite clearly gives my expectation from this internship. It’s like my dream come true.

Honesty was expected from me while writing this article. Abiding by it, after my second year at my university, I saw myself not meant for the core technical studies and my interest began deviating towards management. I started working as a volunteer, then coordinator and then the member of the core organizing team of various fests at my university. In the middle of 3rd year, I decided to pursue management for further studies. It required me to utilize my experience in a real company which would not only enhance my business and management skills but also give me exposure to the corporate and professional life. Internship at Internshala is the perfect internship I needed and never the least, an alluring stipend waiting for me. The icing on the cake..!! :P

To sum up, I hope to give my best and provide some valuable inputs so as to create a milestone together with the Internshala team.

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you, you have to win it.
                            ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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