5 Tips to Survive the First Month in College


The first few days in college is what every student remembers all his life. From that first roll call to nervously introducing yourself to your classmates, the feeling is unmatchable. And this is for the nervous ones out there, a clever little cheat code to survive those first days – LIKE A BOSS.

1. Don’t underestimate yourself

Yes, believe it or not, most people screw up the initial days in college due to lack of self confidence. Yes, you might be all alone and a complete stranger in your college but the key is to keep your calm and being composed. Remember, every newcomer is going through the same feelings just like you.

2. Don’t boast

Now, don’t be overconfident either. You are new to the place, and remember there is already a boss here. The key is to maintain balance. Smile, be polite and try behaving like just another new comer. Too much of rowdiness, and your seniors will take a pick on you.

3. Communicate

Now, this doesn’t mean stalking girls of your batch or for that matter seniors on social networking sites, but instead, try talking to them. Introduce yourself and join your college group on Facebook. Observe. And even before you realize , you’ll have a lot of people around you to call as friends . Socializing is the key.

4. Be original

Now, there will always be half a dozen sons and daughters of somebody-respected in your college who will drive their own Audi-s to the college and hang out at the local pubs twenty four seven. You, as a normal kid of normal parents, are not liable to follow their lifestyle, or for that matter copy it. You’ll end up either as a CHAMCHA or being mocked at.

Try carving your own niche, and be original. You’ll be loved for that.

5. Study

Now, I am a student myself and I have my  share of fun. I go out for movies, hangout with friends and fiddle with my smartphone no end. But, what actually gets me noticed is my ability to answer correctly every time a professor asks me a question. Remember, you are at your college for a reason, and try devoting at least 2 hours a day for studies. Unless you at good at it, no wonder how cool you are, you’ll end up as the butt of all jokes in your college.

Now that I have let out all the secrets, try implementing them in your life. College sessions have just started and hope you guys make the best of it. PS : I am enjoying mine, hope you guys  have a blast too :)

About author : Debjani Chakraborty is a 1st year Mass Communication and Video Production student at St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi.

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