Summer Internship with Pro Start Me – Upasna Chauhan from DAIICT

Upasna Chauhan, student at Dhiru Bhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology, survives the stressful period of finding internships, and finally aced one at Pro Start Me, Surat. Read her internship story here.


My internship was a great one and the rest of my story will tell you why. Before beginning with the journey, I would like to draw your attention to the pre-internship period.

My Friend: “Yaar abhi tak internship nahi mili hai. Usko kitna achcha, saamne se hi offer aa gaya, Apna kya hoga?”

Me: “Hmm..dekhte hai. Lets submit our resumes and look for the best place for internship. Achchi jagah mil jaye bas. Then we’ll make it a good learning experience.”

As you can see, this time was of no bliss. Some classmates had already received offers from companies, some had found companies on their own and others were looking for it. I belonged to the last category.

There prevailed stress and strain of where and how to apply. And since, this was supposed to be six month duration of the first-step-into-corporate world, it was a big deal. After trying at  certain companies in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, finally I came to Surat and narrowed down my search to two companies. Both were good but, then I chose one which led me in having more faith in it–more faith of understanding, learning and a new beginning.

My first day at Pro Start Me was exciting and why wouldn’t it be. New office, new laptop and new faces were around. Office timings were scheduled from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The project was related to the ever growing Social Media and so, it made the topic even more thrilling. Going by the software engineering phase, I kick started my work with the Google search. This was the most exciting phase because I love searching with our Google God. A lot of learning happened here and the project started off very well.

My work was then followed by other phases like database design, page design and coding. Till page design phase, it was good but, you know, when it comes to writing a series of instructions, pressure dawns! I was lucky enough to receive constant help from my colleague and mentor. They were right there whenever I called them with a sad facial expression. I was guarded by an excellent team comprising of a terrific coder, an artistic designer and the best part, a guiding and motivating mentor. Dinesh Sir, I couldn’t have asked for more! Where I am a mediocre, my surrounding was an expert. But this wasn’t made felt, not at all. I was always instructed well and asked to try and work better. The later stage of the project went on with testing and maintenance of our web services.

Things went on smoothly and never had I faced any kind of struggle in my journey with Pro Start Me. The work environment was chilled and friendly. It was a kind of place where we can be on our own. My project went on well and allowed me to learn a lot, which I will always cherish. It was an amazing journey from an Idea to a full-fledged working platform. We also had a celebration on completing our project Folwd (, which included a Bowling match and a Mexican lunch.

Big names matter but best experiences can sometimes overcome them. My internship path was a journey to be remembered.

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