Summer Internship with John Deere – Amita Amte from Cummins College of Engineering

Amita Amte, final year student of Electronics & Communication at Cummins College of Engineering, interned with John Deere. She shares her learning experience of internship with us. Read on to explore more about her internship story.

To begin with, getting an internship was always on my priority list since the day I entered the engineering course. And when the time finally arrived for companies to visit our college for internships, I was full of nervousness and excitement. To add to the tensed atmosphere, there were hardly 3 companies visiting the campus for recruiting interns and that definitely added to the pressure! After grueling rounds of technical & aptitude tests, technical interview and HR interview, we were told the results would be declared in a week. And I can assure you that the day the results were declared, was the best day of my life yet! I could not believe I had got into John Deere, the company of my dreams.

Me and my friends were super excited to enter the corporate world and get a taste of professional life. The first day was the most fun, from getting to use the access card, entering through the huge revolving door, getting to know your workstation, signing a lot of papers, playing with the coffee machine, exploring the workplace and doing tons of other things we had never thought of. We also had an induction program where we were introduced to our mentors and buddies.

I had always thought that it would be a very professional and quiet environment but it was the complete opposite. Everyone was extremely friendly and approachable and they didn’t make us feel like outsiders at all. We were one of them from day one. The next day we were introduced to our project and divided into teams to work on it. As in most organizations, we had to call our mentors by their name and they would feel offended if we addressed them as sir or ma’am,  and this was one thing which took a lot of time to adhere to.

As we started working on the project, I realized what we did in college was just rot learning and my mentor truly gave me a new perspective to look at things and solve problems. It truly gives you immense joy when you can efficiently put to use all that we have learnt. We also enjoyed our stand-up meetings and the significance of them, how important it is to communicate well and work together as a team. We all just loved to get into the meeting rooms and have a head-storming session. The other thing that I loved about it was that our mentors were just a ping away and were always there to support us. We got to get our hands dirty by actually building the circuit we had designed and make it work. We got exposed to the latest technology currently being used and also the different techniques followed to complete a project. In the end when our project worked, we were all happy and relieved that our efforts had borne fruit.

This experience taught me a lot of things, one of them is being patient. Hard work always pays off and you need to hold on and keep going and not loose hope. Overall, it was very educative, fun and one of the most memorable experience, and it will be cherished for life. I will always remember our crazy lunch hour chats, food bonding, coffee breaks and problem solving sessions. I want to thank John Deere for giving me this opportunity and it was a pleasure interning with it.

Hope this experience of mine inspires you to intern and enjoy a slice of the corporate world. Go ahead and kiss the world.

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