5 celebrities we want to see at Mood Indigo

Havoc wrecked Twitter, Facebook and the whole social media when the news of Christopher Nolan coming to Mood Indigo turned out to be much like his movie Inception. People kept anticipating to witness Nolan magic and it all turned out to be a dream! It was all fine; IIT-B had started promoting its event on those lines, the demand for passes had surged and Mood Indigo was touted to take the level of campus fests to the proverbial next level. But then a group of people (read die-hard fans) contacted Christopher Nolan and the bubble was burst. Sir Nolan had no idea about his coming to Mumbai.

Okay. Accepted, albeit with a heavy heart, that Sir Nolan did not make it. But here’s a list of five celebrities that we would love to see at Mood Indigo-

1. Brad Pitt– First things first, if Mood Indigo manages to get Mr. Pitt on board then they will need all the police force of Mumbai to handle the crowd (err… girls). He has got the label of ‘Most handsome man living’ by several magazines for a reason; Brad Pitt is immensely popular across all generations. He is even known for his philanthropy and everyone is aware of the eclectic mix of children he fathers. Who knows, he might even adopt an engineer dude from the crowd!

2. Will Smith– The I am Legend and Men in Black star was the highest paid actor in Hollywood during his prime years. Not only is he a wonderful actor but also a first-class motivational speaker. Probably, the positive attitude he exudes is due to the struggle he went through to reach the zenith of success. Will Smith has often been quoted saying terse one-liners during his interviews and shows. It would be great to have Mr. Will Smith speak at Mood Indigo.

3. Jhonny Depp– Not only do we want Mr. Depp to fly down to IIT-B, but we also want to see him in his Jack Sparrow avatar! We hear that the famous pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean series carries his costume wherever he goes, just in case he’s required to appear like that. Mood Indigo could even have a thematic fest if Jack Sparrow makes an appearance. Savvy, eh?

4. Leonardo DiCaprio– The boy from Titanic has made it to the big league and stamped his authority all over again with the latest movie- The Wolf of the Wall Street. The recently appointed UN messenger of Peace made a distinguished speech at the UN climate summit held at Manhattan. Named after Leonardo da Vinci, the painter, Mr. Di Caprio is quite the man who can paint IIT-B with frenzy.

5. Robert Downey Jr. – This man is everybody’s favourite. He’s part of two high grossing movies in the previous year and is the reigning highest earning actor. His speaking prowess is exemplary as is evident from each of his speeches in the Iron Man series. Mr. Downey is the Avenger, he’s the Sherlock Holmes of the celluloid and he’s Iron Man– you just cannot possibly have a better guest than him at a campus fest.

We know there are scores of other celebs you want to see at Mood Indigo, or as a matter of fact, any other college fest. Do comment below with their names.

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