A peek into the working of PVR Internship Program

Internshala asks Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Limited, all about the PVR Internship Program.

“Interns have always provided a very fresh perspective towards our business model”, says Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO at PVR Limited. Having established a systematic internship program has enormous benefits, something that Mr. Dutta highlights well during our tete-a-tete with him. Excerpts –

Hi Gautam. Welcome and thank you for this interview. Could you please provide us an overview of the internship programs at PVR Ltd.?

Hello. Glad to be here. At PVR, we try to incorporate internship programs which give a fresher hands-on experience of the various processes in a sophisticated business model and employs their creative faculties to the fullest. To give a more structured format, we have divided our internship program into 2 categories :

i) Students for operations function with Hotel Management background (IHM & FCI)
ii) Students for support functions with specialization in Marketing, HR, Finance, Legal, etc.

What qualities should do you look for in an intern and what methods do you employ to recruit them?

With the increasing requirement to have executives who are presentable, can make swift conversations and have quick grasping powers, the primary qualities that we look in an intern are self confidence, high motivation, and good communication skills. We tailor our recruiting processes accordingly.

We generally hire interns from campus drives, internal references and various job fairs. We have our own selection criteria that comprises of two parts – group discussions and personal interviews.

What kind of roles/projects are interns assigned and what should they expect to learn from them?

As mentioned earlier, we hire interns across all verticals (HR, Finance, Legal, etc.) and our HR department ensures that the interns are deputed in departments where they can perform to their creative best and bring out excellent results. Our interns are very much a part of our daily operations and have always had a high impact on bringing the cost down along with contributing towards new ideas of expanding business, new marketing strategies etc.

Do you remember any particular project where interns played a critical role?

To cite an example, we closely worked with two interns from the Symbiosis International University for our CSR arm- PVR Nest- in the recent past. We had this project to make educative and entertaining movies on road safety. The interns showed immense passion not only to the subject and the cause, but also gave full support to perform the end-to-end tasks, regular co-ordinations, and put up long strenuous hours of working without any reluctance. The show garnered applause from all the departments in PVR and also was very successful.

Could you outline a few mistakes that interns generally commit and you would like to warn a prospective intern about?

Interns, while completing their set goals, tend to ignore the small tasks in hand. We ensure that they get into the nitty- gritty of the subject and avoid dismissing the small tasks. We also encourage them to find out the solutions on their own. This gives them a better understanding of the problem itself and also, various creative ways of solving the same.

How has the company benefited from the internship program?

Having an organized internship program allows us access to a large pool of fresh talent. Many a times, they have effectively managed our workflow to accomplish immediate objectives. Moreover, a strong internship program also helps us in finding future employees for specific positions requiring job related know-how.

Finally, what are the 3 things about PVR Ltd. that would make an internship experience of a candidate unforgettable?

We take utmost care that the interns form a mutual learning relationship with their respective teams. At PVR we ensure the following :

a. An exciting engagement framework beginning with selection from campus to bearing of real time responsibility & even leading to job opportunities with PVR

b. Experienced mentors as project guides who give on-the-job experience with apt knowledge / skills

c. An encouraging work environment for learning & also providing ample opportunities to contribute in various assignments

Thank you Gautam for giving an insight into such a nicely implemented internship program at PVR. We’re sure students on our platform will find this very useful.

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