6 reasons why you shouldn’t do an online training

We know online training programs are a rage now, everybody is doing it. But you! You are smart enough not to be fooled by those cunning companies giving hefty discounts on many online courses. So what if it’s convenient, cost-effective and requires much fewer efforts? You still prefer doing the classroom trainings. We agree with you, totally, and we give you the reasons why-

1. Why learn from comforts of your home when you get to travel to your training institute in the scorching heat/ torrential rains / chilling winters? Or maybe you just love traveling in the traffic.


Did I say traveling? I actually meant getting stuck!

2. You are the son of Ambani. You can totally afford the hefty fees of classroom training. Hell, you could even buy the whole institution.


3. Accommodation anywhere in India is never a problem for you. You have a relative in every nook and corner of the world, they could ‘look up’ housing for you in the city of your training institute.


4. You’re in love with mess food you get in PGs/hostels. It tastes like your foot, but still.

mess food

5. You have this inherent urge to bunk classes. But you can’t possibly bunk when it’s online with flexible timings and unlimited access, can you?


6. Why learn from India’s most popular online student platform when your cousin brother took a 30-day training of a course you wish to do about 5 years back and could teach you all about it? He might also have bunked a few classes, about 20-25 of them, but he’s still qualified, right?


All wonderful reasons, right? If you got yourself to read through this insanity and are still not convinced of not doing it, you could try doing online summer training from Internshala VTC. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “6 reasons why you shouldn’t do an online training

  • June 11, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    I’m glad someone actually gets it. Now please do us all a favor and tell this to the dumbass in colleges they like to call “lecturers/professors” who believe that the only way to pursue a training/internship is by doing it old-school (the way they did it), by going to a god-forsakenly hot, fan-less, tin roof factory and sitting in a corner chatting with the smelly, sweaty Haryanvi workers for 6 months for your training to be “valid”.

    Anything else is just not accepted. And don’t you even dare to bring up the idea of going online because for anyone in engineering (especially in Mechanical Engineering), saying the word “computer” or the “interwebs” is like naming god in hell!


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