My expectations from this internship? Do epic shit!

About the author : Sangam Wadhwa is a Computer Science Engineering student from GNDU, Amritsar. He is very passionate about coding and had always wanted to work for a startup. He has recently joined Internshala as a course developer in Python and Java (Internshala VTC).

sangamThe academia of engineering made me undergo the geeky experience of learning a number of programming languages (and few other boring subjects). I always believed that theoretical learning is shallow waters, I wanted to test myself in the deeper gorges – in practical setups where my actions (read coding) don’t fetch me just marks. There is only so much you can learn through books. I wanted to expand my horizon beyond that. Thus began my quest for internship in and around November 2014.

The eagerness of getting the hang of professionalism and implementing my knowledge made me apply for the technical internship at Internshala. One fortunate day, I ended up with receiving a call from Deepak, Manager of Internshala Virtual Training Centre. And that’s how my stint as a work-from-home intern started. After working for six months as a teaching assistant, I was asked to work from office during my summer vacations.

If I talk of Internshala, it’s small on team size but big on the exuberant work environment! People here are pumped up about their work, you know it when you see the way they go about it. This internship being my first professional experience, before I came in, I had expected normal office stuff like cubicles, cabins, attendance systems and following all those boring schedules. But as I entered Internshala, a big blue wall greeted me with this message scribbled over it – ‘Do Epic Shit’! Guess, that’s what the mantra over here is. There are no cabins, no cubicles; there are just a lot of engineers (and a few non-engineers) working whole-heartedly on their laptops.

I always sought an opportunity to plunge into the minds of decision makers and this internship has given me one. Concluding this, I hope to put in maximum of my efforts here at Internshala  and do some really epic shit!

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