Internshala- A journey I look forward to

Familiar with the notion of ‘start-ups’, I was _DSC0477-2tempted to join one. And what could be better, I managed to get an internship with Internshala – awesome alliteration in writing right? However, it is much more awesome while doing :)

This feeling has a backdrop to it. Despite being good at maths, I studied Biotechnology, which certainly doesn’t show best of career acumen. However, since last few weeks it seems that I now I am back on the proverbial right path; after joining a team which not only shares the same passion for striving hard to attain goals, but also exudes brilliancy in talent which adds newer dimensions to my thought process as well.

It’s been quite some time at this extraordinary place and I am enjoying every aspect of it. The zeal and enthusiasm with which every individual works here is commendable. And cherry on the top- all the fun activities we do together like playing cricket, football, counterstrike and lots more makes it even better. Seems like this is the famous start up culture everyone talks about.

Internshala business apprentice program for me is one step closer towards achieving my long term goals. I hope that the work I do contributes positively to the development of the organisation and my life as well. A dear & respected teacher had once told that if a person shows confidence in handling any given task, even if it’s an absolutely new domain, then there must have been an area in which his/her performance had been extraordinary and from there that person gains confidence to handle that assigned task. I expect this internship of mine to be that task. I expect that after this internship I should be able to take on any task thrown at me head-on and excel in it.

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