Internship at Amar Ujala – Manilka from F.I.M.T

Internship at Amar UjalaA new journey that Manilka (in middle) takes, helps her find her core interest in the ever growing industry of newspaper. She did justice to the work and uncovered as much as possible stories connecting to our daily lives.

As we all know that “Beginning is always the hardest!!” Likely I also faced many problems in finding internships as nowadays students in bulk are opting for the media stream. Allahabad is my home town and I preferred to do my very first internship in Allahabad only. I thought of going to Amar Ujala office because I heard that they were having vacancies for interns. I got the internship there. I was bit nervous but very much excited. After a few minutes we were introduced to one of the senior people working there and who will be our mentor for next one month. He introduced us to the world of newspapers, told us about the facts with which none of us were aware of. He told us that to complete a newspaper efforts of several people are needed. Time is the most important thing which we need to keep in mind because even if you are a minute late then all your efforts can go to waste. Then comes alertness, you can’t work on your conditions while making up a newspaper. You have to cover the hard news as well as soft news as these both completes a newspaper. He introduced us to various other important terms and rules which are needed to print a newspaper. Then we were separated into groups of two and were allotted our work of the day. I and one of my mates was given to interview the rickshaw pullers that what all problems they are facing because of the upcoming electronic rickshaws. We did the survey by interviewing some of the rickshaw pullers and the owners of the electronic rickshaw and then made a report contradicting each other which mentioned the problems what each one of them are facing. That day we realized how tough life they have to live.

Day by day we were given more surveys to do, interact with the public and somewhere my excitement took over my nervousness. I explored many places in my very home town  where I have never been till now. There was a workshop held in Allahabad Museum on ‘Making of Documentary Movies’ where we interviewed the director of the museum. We interviewed the people who were having their small shops which helped them to fulfil their basic needs. How they have to completely shift their shops from place to place depending on the rise in the level of water. After we did our jobs we also enjoyed the pleasant weather on the shores of Sangam.

Then there was a 3 day workshop held by our newspaper agency Amar Ujala which helped the students in choosing their streams and counselled their problems regarding the various streams. It did help the students to get enrolled in different colleges. That workshop was a great experience for all of us. Then in a shopping complex came a crew of a movie named ‘Uवा’ and we went there to interview the crew of that movie and it was totally a new experience and yes the most exciting one. We also learned some office works like composing a report, learning how to type reports in Hindi and assembling them. We learned about the advertisements that get published in newspapers, the value of every page of a newspaper, how it comes out after being printed and how much it costs to keep up the goodwill of the newspaper.

Time passed by and our one month internship came to an end. So overall this one month was filled with a lot of new things to learn, the basics of a newspaper, making up a report, assembling and presenting it on a newspaper. As where there are friends there is fun also so that also accompanied us throughout the internship. We learned the ways through which we can interact with the public and can highlight their problems through our means of ways that is a NEWSPAPER!!

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4 thoughts on “Internship at Amar Ujala – Manilka from F.I.M.T

  • May 12, 2018 at 6:50 PM

    hlo mam gud evening
    I m Priya Gandhi
    presuming BA(JMC) 1 year
    mam I want intership in your company.
    plz kindly give me the information for intership.

  • June 15, 2018 at 7:32 PM

    Hello ma’am
    I am karuna
    Ma’am i want internship in amarujala..i m a student of bjmc (final.year)
    Kindly give me the information for internship

    • June 18, 2018 at 10:52 AM

      Hi Karuna,

      We do not have any internships from Amar Ujala currently. However, you may look for other media internships that are live on our platform by registering here –

      Thanks~ Unnatti


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