Internship at HT – Avleen from MCM DAV College, Chandigarh

Have your work place become your second home? Then you can relate to this story very well. This little girl is a complete box of surprise. She sees her life like no one else can vision. Who thought that a simple phone call would transform her life upside down? But it did and she completely accepted and loved this frenzy.

“Hello, is this Avleen?”

What could have been a regular call of an insurance company or one of the real estate agencies (who love me for no reason) was not any common phone call. I vividly remember answering the call in my sleep, which I again don’t do normally. But that phone call transformed my summer holidays from an extended weekend to an experience which will be a part of me wherever I go.

The Hindustan Times office had called and accepted my request to take me as an intern in their team for a month. I was finally going to write, write and write! A dream come true which got me excited and nervous at the same time! At first what seemed like an unknown place, slowly developed into a second home of sorts. My boss was a Bengali woman, the sweetest superior anyone could ask for! She gave me assignments considering my strengths and sometimes to ameliorate my shortcomings too. She treated me like a child and held my finger while walking on the path of self-actualization. She always encouraged my fresh and wild ideas and pushed me forward whenever I couldn’t ideate. All those Bengali words she added to my vocabulary, those numerous food deliveries from Dominos and KFC and that way of editing articles I imbibed from her, are memories I’ll always cherish.

I still remember my first reporting assignment and my first byline! Talking to different people which seemed like quite a rough task at first eventually turned out to be interesting. If your work involves talking to people, knowing their stories and getting to pen them down, what more could you ask for? Oh and my first byline was an utter delight to watch! That name in bold letters sitting right in front of my eyes and a million others, had never felt better. Sooner people around me started recognizing me and I felt important and responsible. While in office, people called me the ‘crazy kid’, everywhere else I was being called the young journo. Watching my parents gleam in the pride of my work, nothing could make me happier.

Apart from all the learning and fame, I made some amazing friends! Fellow interns, trainees as well as senior employees! Everyone had a different story and we together made one too. And except Bhuvan, the coffee guy, everyone seemed to like me. This young chap made the best coffee in the world and hated me for some reason of our past births.

I learnt how to write the perfect copy, how to edit and make a copy perfect and so much more! So many lessons which wouldn’t fit in the rugged back and the old diary I took to office, my office.

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