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Internship at NALSARBhavya who is a law student believes that no opportunity should be missed, be it big or small, we should grab with open hands and make best use of it.

This is one of that internship I had to do and was unsuccessful. Why I said “unsuccessful” and “had to” is because the place I wished to intern ended up with the different experience but a good to initiate. I was asked to intern at the esteemed Nalsar University, Hyderabad as a part of my academic curriculum. And that’s specifically stating “A LIBRARY INTERNSHIP “.We were excited about it and we grabbed our University letter heads, packed our luggage and rushed up to the railway station.

Here comes the hurdle, we were about 15-20 students all together and the security was stopping us from going in. That’s an insult. Isn’t it? After a couple of hours we somehow managed to get  in to the administration block.  While we entered in, the Registrar was amused by looking at the crowd and rejected since that was a vacation time for the university and the library would be closed. What do we do now? Completely puzzled at that stage. Then we happened to meet the Head of the Aerospace Law Department who allowed us to work under him for a few days. Believe it or not, I just worked 1week and the amount of work I learned during those few days is astounding.

I was then a 1st year student and I really did not know what good these aerospace laws do. I did not hesitate to tell that and he being a wonderful human being understood what I was trying to say and he taught us how a law book can be reviewed, how a project is to be made,  what the doctrinal and non-doctrinal methods actually means and how best  research can be done. I still remember all those because that was my first internship and that was my first hand experience. Now when I work upon a project definitely these strike me and make me get back to my memories. His contribution for my footsteps towards my law is an immense pleasure. If he is reading this, I am sorry Sir I just remember you as the Head of the Aerospace law department. Nevertheless I will not forget your warmth welcome when we were in dismay.

All I wanted to end this up saying is that “Be it a tiny lawyer’s chamber or be it a topmost MNC, the work you experience is all that matters. Equip yourself from every experience you get, because you should be ready for that. Never miss any opportunity been given even the smallest one with no reward.”

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    BHAVYA I am Nisanth aunty please let me know your phone number

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      9703311269 :)


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