Internship at BARC – Shivansh from N.I.T Hamirpur

Internship at BARCShivansh is an engineering student who has started adding laurels to his career right form days of under graduation. He is self motivated and confident. He has lived few memorable days in Mumbai and is now ready to kick start his career. 

Hi I’m Shivansh Awasthi, final year Electronics and Communication undergraduate student at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. I did my summer internship in the EISD (Electronics and Instrumentation Division) at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai for 6 weeks. There was no stipend provided, it was a purely volunteered research internship once selected. I reached Mumbai around mid of May. The temperature was at its peak and the people there were always in a hurry. I did not know about local train map and schedule so I boarded a taxi from the airport and went to my hotel which I had previously booked online. After reaching hotel the hunt for accommodation started. It was impossible in that big city to roam around and find the PG’s. So I looked on some sites online and then called them, luckily I got a PG and it was really costly. At BARC first getting an ID card is a big and time consuming affair as without that you cannot enter the main gate. It took around 4-5 days to get ID card and then there was that security check which I can never forget, it was tighter that airport, we had to go through that every morning and there were no electronic media item allowed. Yes. Not even PHONES. Inside the premises there was another world. My mentors were amazing, young enthusiastic and supportive. At this level of understanding it is often difficult to understand the wide spectrum of knowledge without proper guidance and advice. Hence, I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our project guide “Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey (EISD)” who had faith in me and allowed me to work on this project. I was privileged to experience a sustained, enthusiastic and involved interest from his side. This fuelled my enthusiasm even further and encouraged me to boldly step into what was dark and unexplored expanse before me. He always fuelled my thoughts to think broad and out of box. Thing l liked about BARC is that work atmosphere is fantastic, everybody is just focused towards their goal and work silently and there was no flaw in research.

I improved my communication skills and learnt to manage things. I got to see the DHRUVA and CIRUS reactor (this was the best thing, I used to dream about it). There was no negative side to this internship. I want to advice juniors that maintain your CGPA and always give your best.
So that’s all I guess, it was a life changing experience.

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