Internship at CESC Limited – Pratik from Techno India College of Technology, Kolkata

Internship at CESCPratik who is an engineering student at TICT, Kolkata shares his story of how he developed and overcame his shortcomings. He advises all aspiring students to follow their dream and be fearless. 

The first day of my Internship: On my first day i got introduced to the department GM, DGM and other executives. I shadowed my friendly supervisor who helped me to familiarize myself with the company’s inter-linked departments, and gave me an overall feel for the organization’s corporate culture.

My job duties and responsibilities: After the first week of getting accustomed to the department workflow and methodologies, I started working on the project assigned to me – Customer Centricity with reference to power utility service. I was also given the task of making reports on consumer data, and develop campaigns for improving online presence and branding of the organisation, which allowed me to attend meetings with creative agencies, and consultants. My project focused on best case practices in CRM and CRM analytics with ROI tracking. In addition to it my contribution to social media campaigns and CSR campaigns were noted and executed.

What I learned from the Internship: Through this job experience, I was able to pick up a lot of skills, such as effective communication, IT and analytical skills, and brush up on my professional business writing skills, digital marketing and post sales customer services, the use of all digital media platforms, ROI tracking in corporate advertisements and most importantly operations management.

Some perks and extras of the internship: I enjoyed working on a company-provided desktop in a comfortable, modern-furnished office and, of course, enjoying free coffee and snacks! In the end I received my first income.

Saying goodbye to the internship: It was a hard earned internship with 4 rounds of elimination in the selection process. But at the end of it the hard work paid off. When your hard work on the job hunt pays off and you finally land that amazing internship, make it truly worth it.

Some final tips: Show initiative on the job, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and take the time to interact with your co-workers and make valuable contacts.

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