Internship at CSIR – NIO – Vinay from Amity University, MP

Internship at CSIRVinay interned at National Institue of Oceanoraphy in Goa and lived best days of his life. There is opportunity in every field, we just need to knock the right door.

At the outset I would like to express my sincere gratitude to internshala and their team to provide me a wonderful platform in this country to share my summer internship experience which will be going to benefit to my juniors and colleagues. So it was month of March 2015 I was very excited to get any kind of suitable internship in India especially related to mechanical field. The same day my friends were planning a trip to Goa in May and eventually I thought that “beta is baar to internship Goa main hi krni h ” my friends were sure that I won’t be able to intern in Goa but I was continuously trying. Then I came to know about the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Institute of Oceanography, Goa. I sent emails to scientist in NIO and after 10 days I got a reply that “Vinay what is your area of interest” I explained whatever I have in a lot of emails and finally the eminent scientist agree with me for 2 months internship. But the battle was half won, now comes the college part where HOD doesn’t agree to sign these kind of recommendations, especially in these private universities but anyhow I completed the documentation. My internship began from 5 May 2015 and I was assigned the topic “Buoyancy Materials for Marine Applications” and I completed my internship successfully. Now one thing I would like to suggest, especially to juniors that whenever you are selected for these kind of internships, it’s better to go with good software skills like AutoCAD which you can also learn from Internshla VTC and good basic knowledge of your particular subject in it. Mechanical guys remember there are lots of opportunities in the ocean and marine field, so start exploring from now.

I had a great time in NIO. I had best days of my bachelor life there.

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