Internship at Kotak Mahindra, Pune – Rohan from Balaji Institute of International Business

Internship at Kotak MahindraInternships teach you beyond perimeters of academics. What he could not learn during his MBA, he learnt that while interning. Help come to those who seek for it, it was completely true in his scenario since everyone helped him and  gave shape to his sincere efforts. 

I am very delightful towards INTERNSHALA that I am getting an opportunity to share my summer internship experience with KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD, PUNE. I was eagerly waiting for 2nd May, 2015 to come as I had an excitement for my internship. Finally the day came which I was waiting for a long time. The weather was good and it was a wonderful morning. I visited the branch as per the bank timings. The security guard gave me a salute as if I was a royal person which gave me a very nice feeling for him. Then I met the staff members of the bank whom with I had to work with for next 2 months. They were little bit surprised to see me as a young dynamic student came to bank for internship. I introduced myself to each of the staff member. Then I met my mentor who was allotted for me regarding guidance in the project.

1st day went exciting since I met new people, new atmosphere where I had to work etc. but little boring since the work was not allotted to me. Next day my mentor sat with me in conference room and told all the basic points which I had to relate with my project. I was very curious to know all such things since it were new to me. Then he called one of the senior staff member who was working with that bank for last 10 years. My mentor introduced me to that person. He gave me one of the companies file to study so that I can get a basic idea how the credit assessment is done before giving the loans to the parties. Within a couple of weeks I got all the expertise which an intern should have while working on the project. My entire 1st month of internship passed so fast that I didn’t even get to know. Since i had learn various new things which I had not learned in my entire 1st year of MBA.

Now June was already started and I had a little tension in my mind since I had to give the presentation on my project both in my college as well as in the bank. I worked smoothly on my project. I collected the details from various internal as well as external sources. In the meanwhile I concentrated on the work given by my mentor. One day I had to go to the client’s office regarding loan sanctioning with bank officer. I watched and listened carefully how the loan is sanctioned by the bank to the client. It was a wonderful experience for me. I collected all the client details and started making the yearly review note of the client keeping in mind all necessary details which has to be covered in the review note.

Now my presentation day came where I presented my project to the mentor and 2 other senior bank officers. They were very happy with my presentation as well as with my hard work and sincerity level towards the project. They congratulated me for my success and I am very delightful towards my mentor, all the staff members of the bank who helped me directly or indirectly to make a good project.

Thus, I can say that I had a wonderful experience with KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD.

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