Internship at FINISAR, Malaysia – Ratul from IIT Roorkee

Internship at FINISARIsn’t it amazing when your internship combines with whole package of fun? Ratul (guy in right) who interned at FINISAR, Malaysia shares a wonderful story and throws light on how the technological differences amazed him.

“Your application has not been considered for 2015 cohort”, “Sorry you are not selected”, ”Please try next year’. 

Heart breaking replies from all hirers. My quest for a good internship started with a very demotivating aura last year. Though having an experience of successfully completing a couple of projects in my college, as a student with not- so- good- CGPA I never got selected in MITACS or DAAD which are goldmines for Foreign Research Internship hunters. During such demotivating times to my extreme bewilderment I was selected by a prestigious company for a 2 month industrial training at Malaysia. FINISAR, a company based at Sunnywale, USA and a forerunner in the world of optical subsystems found my resume worthy of their consideration and after a series of telephonic interviews; I impressed them enough to get an opportunity to do internship in their facility at Malaysia with only 4 other students from all over India. Excited and elated I was as they offered a full coverage of to and fro airfare, accommodation for 2 months and a fair amount of stipend during our stay at Malaysia as a part of their internship program also. 

The best things about doing a foreign internship is that you get a completely different perspective of work-culture and technological advancements from that of India. On the very first day of our internship, I was amazed to see the amount of professionalism and discipline in this company. After a formal orientation program I was placed under supervision of Mr. Felipe, a Philipine engineer and a very helping person. I was working with him and a couple of other engineers in a production efficiency improvement project of FINISAR which was fairly intriguing and challenging as well. Further detailing is not possible as we are not supposed to reveal the project publicly but as a very crude outline I can say that the project involved analysis of certain scanning processes to find defects and eliminate them. The technical knowledge is not what I appreciated most about the internship. 4 years of graduate programs are enough time to know about theories. What I gained from the internship was an actual experience of what challenges and difficulties an engineer faces in an industry and more importantly how to respond to the urgent situations efficiently. Also as a part of a team I got to know that even I was as important part of the whole structure as was my supervisor. That engineering is not only about knowing things but it is also about managing time, resources and human power efficiently was only clear to me when I saw the whole company working as a single entity to achieve excellence. I would highly encourage each and every budding engineer to work in such a company to gain experience if they want to become future industry maestros. 

Oh, and I forgot something. We enjoyed Malaysia. For those with wanderlust to see new countries: YES, we travelled a lot. Malaysia is really nice country with widespread pastoral areas, a feast for eyes. Kuala Lumpur was 4 hour train ride away from where we stayed. Yes I clicked infinite selfies in front of Petronas Tower and posted them as my profile pic in FB to earn likes. It was a wholesome internship experience and I am sure anyone who gets an opportunity to do intern at FINISAR, Malaysia would feel the same.

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