Law Internship – Megha from Amity University, Rajasthan

Law internshipEvery step she took, made her sure of her decision. This internship was an eye opener for her as it made her realised how far she can go by following this career. Apart from working, munching and shopping are endless when it comes to Jodhpur.

People often ask me that “Why I gave law a preference while choosing a career path?” I had a single answer all the time, “It was all a matter of luck that brought me at the doors of this prestigious profession.” The more I understood law, the more I was amazed at the intricacies and details about this great profession. I was always thrilled at the prospect of being the part of the judicial system of the country, for it is a strong pillar of our democracy. But what pulled me more towards law was the curiosity to experience a trail room in person, being a part of the trial and pleading for or defending a client. I wanted to experience the dynamic environment that made or broke some aspirations while paving way for the others. All this was just in the books, as every word I studied was just in theory. The practicality of law in the country was totally different and I wanted to feel the same as soon as possible. I got a golden opportunity to witness the system and be a part of it for a short stint while interning with one of the senior advocates of a high court. Being a BBA LL.B. student from the Amity University, Jaipur, I had a golden chance to complete my internship at the respected Jodhpur bench of the Rajasthan High Court under Sr. Ad. Jagmal Singh Chaudhary. The exposure I got was immense and the experience gained during the internship will be preserved by me for the rest of my life. I joined for the internship with a friend of mine, Nishant, but it seemed I did the very first mistake right at the first day of my internship. Being super excited made me forgetful about the dress code and uniform of a courtroom and a humour moment arose when a junior member of the staff reminded me of the same when I was just about to enter the court in my normal attire.

A half hour wait and a call to my uncle who lives in the city made me adequately dressed to be a part of my first case at the court. Jagmal sir is a real gentleman with strong hold at the concepts and it was nice being with him during the briefing and other sessions of the court. During my internship, I got to attend many hearings of high profile cases like AsaramBapu case, Bhanvari Devi case among others where all I became aware about the notorious ploys that play part in the practical scenario like the money game. The biggest achievement of my internship was being able to listen to one of the best and the top advocates of India, Mr. Ram Jethmalani. His age was not a hurdle when it came to oratory and people looked forward to learn a thing or two from his experience in law. His four hour long speech was an enlightenment for me and I feel fortunate to have experienced the moment in front of my eyes. The internship left in me an adrenaline rush which pumped me up and made me more confident about my decision to pursue law. On Sundays I would go to office to read cases, learn the intricacies and the details about the judicial system, and clear my doubts if I had any. During my internship days, I witnessed every judicial system right from the high court, the district court, session court, CBI court, NDPS court, etc. and it was illuminating experience right from the day one.

Completing an internship with a friend at your side brings an added advantage of enjoying your days after all the work and I with Nishant explored the city of Jodhpur having lunch, munching street chaat, bhelpuris and sharing memorable time during our internship making it a worthwhile experience altogether. Now I am more confident about my decision and would like to complete my course to feel the rush 24×7 all through my life. 

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