Summer Internship at Max Venture – Varsha from Ramjas College, DU

Internship at Max VentureDo you love something so dear that once you used to hate the most? If yes, then you can relate yourself to this story. If no, you will be inspired by it. Varsha explored the hidden side of herself through this internship and now loves pursuing it.

So I was in my second year and it all began with my summer holidays. I wanted to intern in a startup where I could use my skills, learn something new every day and simultaneously was looking forward for open fun work culture where ideas are valued, relationships are important and people are highly respected. By chance, one of my friends suggested me a internship in Delhi based event management company, a startup fortunately. I thought to give it a try and sent my resume to one of the founders of the company. Soon I was called for the interview. One of my friend also accompanied me for the interview. We both got hired as interns after submitting a project given by them. Everything was going great and I was enjoying myself there. It was an event management company so for one day we had to be on the site to see the execution of an event. It was fun to be there.

After some days, my boss called us to create social media pages for the company and I had to post something every day on their company pages to engage the viewers. I was not enjoying doing that because I hated writing but now I feel blessed that I got that opportunity to explore a writer part sitting inside my head. Altogether it was a great experience and the proud moment that my work was published on the company’s official page. I think somehow from that time I started discovering myself in the field of writing but never enjoyed it. I always used to think that there is always a special quality in every person but couldn’t find one inside me. Deep inside my heart and mind I knew that I can write really well but never encouraged that part of me. I didn’t know what stopped me from doing that but somehow, I just couldn’t. But yes, I would really like to thank the internship opportunities for discovering this part of me that I was not aware about. Just because of that I have developed my writing skills and now I’m having a blog of my own.

Although, I’m still an amateur writer but I have started enjoying writing. The most hated and boring thing of my life was the start of my professional career and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful things ever happened to me because it feels great to share your thoughts in words. As WORDS NEVER DIE.

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