Internship at AIESEC – Ashik from Indian School of Mines

Internship at AISECIf it is worthy then it has to be difficult. Best things in life aren’t serve on a platter to us. We have to work hard and work till the last breath so as to achieve it. It’s better to work at a early stage and enjoy at the later stage, then to enjoy now and work till last breath. Ashik (boy in green shirt at right) is no longer staying in Russia but he has stronger connection with them than any blood connections.

My internship was a six week AIESEC internship in Samara city of Russia as a global intern. My journey of challenging experiences started just after reaching Moscow airport, where the flight from Moscow to Samara waited for me for more than 20 minutes.

Then afterwards I was shocked by the enormous beautiful city of Samara. Russia gave me the opportunity to see the most beautiful and sexiest girls of the world. The major part of the internship was the professional experience. I got working with 22 individuals from various countries of the world, where we were handling about 200 children mostly of 16-18 years old.

We were responsible to organise interesting events throughout the day from 8 am to 10 pm. In one way, it was a hectic schedule teaching me professionalism and in another way, it was enjoying and having fun with children whole day. I can’t forget my birthday GPL (kicks on my ass) on the most famous street of Samara, credits to Krishnaditya and Prem who prepared everyone for the same. It was really painful. But now I just miss those days.

Then the craziest and addictive nightlife there in nightclubs and bars, where we used to go on every weekends. Obviously, there were challenges of cultural shock like food and language. But I think any experience is not worth enough if it goes without challenges. These challenges made me more and more adaptable. I loved being a representative from India everywhere, telling about Indian cultures and to boast about

Indian food and natural beauty. Some of them were so much attracted that they already planned for a tour to India. At present I just feel that now I have two families one in India and one there. I can’t stop myself contacting them daily. Not only those counsellors and co-interns, but the children also message me daily asking if I would be there next year. At last I will just say that it was an experience I will not forget for the entire life. It not only taught me professionalism but also the essence of love and friendship.

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