Internship at Castrol – Rahul from IITG

Internship at Castrol

If it is important to you, you will find a way, or else you will find an excuse. Rahul (Right) is pursuing Chemical Engineering and shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

Well!! This was my first internship and I was in a state of excitement and nervousness. Exciting because of the new learning experiences and nervous because of the Giant shaped machine and the responsibility to take care of the LOBP unit safely and dynamically. At first I was introduced to all the units of the Company like Weight and measurement unit , marketing and analyst group etc. I was in a fix when the Safety unit manger started telling stories of men losing their lives in Industry simply because of small mistakes. This was in order to grab the attention of all intern so that safety and security is their prime concern during the internship period.

After 4 days of boring training session and I finally started working on the project. I noticed some of incident quite interesting and flurry. One day there was an unusual wind of joy amidst the workers and manager since they kept buzzing about something and their satisfaction could be perceived in the expression of their faces. I was intrigued when I came to know that it was all for 20 new machine which were going to be introduced that afternoon in that Plant. It would ensure comfort and safety of the employees. The industry inspection team came and asked me to cooperate in their work and so I followed their instruction.

Later when I had introduced myself as an intern I was asked to introduce my idea to the HR in his office chamber. However, to my dismay, the idea which I had suggested put the company at a loss. I was asked by the HR not to discuss these issue with outsiders  but to discuss with them or any concerned Authority of Plant which left me quite dumb-stuck.The best part of Internship was the city tour and it was on that day that I realized how cool and easy going the tensed interns and managers were. With few sad and loads of good memories, I ended my internship journey and It means a lot to me.

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